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OneLinQ Collection Hub

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Direct debits can be a convenient way to manage high volumes of customer payments. There are, however, several complexities with mandate management that can challenge and frustrate businesses. Prior to collection, a mandate, which needs to be stored and presented to the bank in case of dispute, must be signed by the debtor. For business direct debits, the debtor is also required to register the mandate with the bank, which can require complex administration and oversight.

The Solution
OneLinQ’s Collection Hub removes the complexity from mandate management, enabling businesses to focus on what matters. The Cloud platform provides a single direct debit management process, regardless of how many banks you work with. OneLinQ ensures transmission in any collection format, removing the worry about bank compatibility and connectivity.


  • Ability to convert and enrich different direct debit formats
  • Respects the bank specific cut-off times
  • Reduces operational costs—one platform for all direct debits
  • Bank and format agnostic. Easy to switch or add new banks
  • Easy to connect to OneLinQ Payment Hub via REST API or Secure FTP interface

Collection Hub Benefits

  • Cloud based platform that is reliable and easy to implement. Secure and scalable using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the platform is live-mirrored in multiple European geographies
  • Integration with accounting packages for the immediate optimisation of payment flows without requiring technical integration
  • Onboarding and product configuration is automated online through a simple onboarding process
  • Simplify your systems by using a platform that takes care of your payments now and in the future
  • Real-time search functionality through the GUI
  • Fast mandate validation and repair—Collection Hub automatically repairs instructions
  • Flexible authorisation schemes, up to six-eyes principle that can be fully configured
  • Multilingual Omni-channel user interface with mobile and tablet support

Collection Hub

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