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Despite the digitisation of many business operations, most companies still struggle with inefficient analogue payment processes —often involving several manual steps in wiring funds. Furthermore, each online banking channel relies upon it own proprietary user tokens to upload and authorise payments. For multi-banked or multi-national companies, this fragmentation can be very time-consuming and inefficient.

The Solution
The OneLinQ Payment Hub is a cloud platform for all incoming and outgoing payments. The single platform consolidates connections to all of your banking partners, providing a single payment management process. OneLinQ ensures transmission in any payment format via any account or bank.

Onelinq Solutions Payment hub


  • One gateway to manage all bank accounts and payments
  • Reduced operational costs by using one platform for all your payments
  • Efficient routing of payments based on rules and priority
  • Coverage of European payments as well as International and SWIFT
  • Utilisation of host2host, PSD2 and Open Banking capabilities when bank-supported

Payments Hub Benefits

  • Cloud based platform that is reliable and easy to implement. Secure and scalable using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the platform is live-mirrored in multiple European geographies
  • Integration with accounting packages for immediate optimisation of payment flows without requiring technical integration
  • Onboarding and product configuration is automated online through a simple onboarding process
  • Simplify your systems by using a platform that takes care of your payments now and in the future
  • Secure and reliable multi-factor authentication supporting biometrics and one-time passwords (OTP)
  • Real-time full search functionality for individual and batch payments
  • Manual entry of payments through the GUI, including pre-defined lists of beneficiaries
  • Fast validation and repair of submitted payment files. If mandatory elements are missing, the Payment Hub automatically repairs the instruction
  • Flexible authorisation schemes, supporting fully configurable six-eyes principles

Payment Hub

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