SME Solutions

Comprehensive solution to manage your payments

Invoice Payments

Pay your invoices with one-click. No bank authorisation required. Optimised payments scheduling. Schedule invoices individually. Total control with OneLinQ.

Accounts Integration

OneLinQ connects to your account system. Automatically retrieve open invoices and schedule payments. Mobile authorisation through OneLinQ App. Anywhere, anytime.

Statements & Balances

No manual downloads ever again. Automatically get account balance and transaction details. OneLinQ connects to many banks. Stay always up-to-date with OneLinQ.

  • Multilingual GUI and mobile App
  • Flexible authorisation schemes, up to six-eyes principle that can be fully configured
  • Automated scheduling and execution of payments based on invoices to be paid in your accounting system


OneLinQ for SMEs

Please contact OneLinQ to discuss how our market-leading SME solutions can benefit your business.

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