Cash Management Hub

Real-time cash management across your entire company

OneLinQ Cash Management Hub

Global liquidity management

Accurate insight is essential for successfully managing cash flow—though many businesses struggle to obtain real-time access to the status of transactions. When the number of bank relationships grows, complexity can increase significantly, making cash positioning and forecasting a time-consuming and inaccurate process.

The Solution
OneLinQ’s Cash Management Hub is a Cloud platform for successfully managing your liquidity. It can connect to all of your banking partners and automatically processes balance and intraday statements—showing your cash position across all your bank accounts —regardless of location or currency.

Cash Forecasting

Real-time insight and control
The OneLinQ Cash Management Hub includes powerful cash forecasting and cash flow services to provide real-time overviews and reports that can be exported to Excel or PDF formats. It analyses all the incoming and outgoing payments and uses historic data for maximum insight. The Cash Management Hub supports multiple organisation layers so it is easy to distinguish between all your subsidiaries and to provide you with maximum transparency.

OneLinQ’s Cash Management Hub offers a single consolidated cash overview, no matter how many banks you work with. OneLinQ ensures transmission in any formats, now and in the future.



Balances and Statements

Comprehensive dashboards
The Balance and Statements service automatically processes end-of-day and intraday statements in SWIFT MT94X and CAMT05X formats, with Bank Transaction Codes translated to the desired format.

Statements are linked to outgoing payments and collections, which gives you immediate insight into transaction processing status. Comprehensive dashboards provide full insight to cash visibility across all your bank accounts.


  • Multibank account reporting via a single format and channel
  • Full automated delivery of balance and intraday statements, so your administration is always up to date
  • Cashflow forecasting based on historic data and pending payments
  • Harmonisation of your corporate cash management


Full statistical and graphical summaries
OneLinQ’s reconciliation service matches balance statements, intraday statements and order reporting to outgoing payments and direct debits. This provides a clear payment status overview per batch or by individual transaction level. Reject reports are clearly specified enabling easy resolution and the resubmission of rejected transactions from the Cash Management Hub.

Configurable and detailed Reconciliation Reports provide full statistical and graphical summaries of outgoing batches and payments along with the successfully executed and rejected transactions—these can also be exported to PDF and Excel formats.


Cash Management Hub Benefits
  • Cloud based platform that is reliable and easy to implement. Secure and scalable using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the platform is live-mirrored in multiple European geographies
  • Integration with accounting packages for immediate optimisation of payment flows without requiring technical integration
  • Onboarding and product configuration is automated online through a simple onboarding process
  • Simplify your systems by using a platform that takes care of your payments now and in the future

OneLinQ Cash Management Hub Features

  • Comprehensive dashboards with a clear overview of all your accounts and balances
  • User customisable reports that can be exported in PDF or Excel format
  • Secure and reliable multi-factor authentication that supports biometrics and One-Time passwords (OTP)


  • Real-time search functionality through the GUI, to get the details of an individual transaction
  • Comprehensive audit reports that include all user and system actions
  • Multilingual GUI and mobile App
  • Simple and easy integration with your software

Cash Management Hub


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