Lend better.
Lend smarter.

Our AI powered platform help lenders quickly tailor their products and services to meet customer needs.

Better Insight, Better Lending Decisions.

Gain greater insight and improve your service proposition.

Customer centric

OneLinQ's AI and data analytics powered solutions enable you to harness and monetise customer data to offer hyper-targeted and relevant lending services.

Improved service

Make speedy and informed lending decisions using OneLinQ's instant verification tools - avoiding delay, customer frustration and abandonment.

Affordability insights

OneLinQ's intelligent Income Verification service uses current account transaction data to verify your customers' declared income with added affordability insights - helping you make better lending decisions today.

Account validation

Avoid errors and fraud with OneLinQ's instant Account Validation service, ensuring you comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations.

Income veerification

The OneLinQ intelligent transaction analysis tool to provides a complete view of a customer’s turnover, validating declared income or highlighting anomalies.

Affordability checks

Beyond income validation, OneLinQ's complete view of transaction data enable you to obtain a true affordability picture, lowering default levels and costs.

Debtor monitoring

With AI embedded throughout the OneLinQ platform, we provide intelligent debtor account monitoring, alerting you to any patterns or issues before serious problems arise.

API Platform

Our market-leading API platform provides you with the innovation building blocks you need to deliver differentiated solutions at speed.

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Access 400m customers across 28 countries, that's over 80% of the market, with OneLinQ's comprehensive range of Payments and Open Banking solutions.

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