Your Open Banking based global direct debit management solution

Let the OneLinQ Collection Hub simplify the management of all your direct debits using Open Banking.

OneLinQ Collection Hub

Your Open Banking based global direct debit management solution.


OneLinQ provides a single Open Banking enabled direct debit management process, regardless of how many banks you work with. OneLinQ ensures transmission in any collection format, removing the worry about bank compatibility and connectivity.


OneLinQ processes both domestic and European direct debits, with data input via file, API or directly uploaded into OneLinQ.


Fully integrated with accounting packages for the immediate optimisation of payment flows without requiring complex technical configuration.


OneLinQ’s Collection Hub removes the complexity from mandate management, enabling you to focus on what matters most.


Configurable reports provide an immediate overview of all direct debits and their collection status., with customisable workflows adapting to your existing processes.


IBAN and account holder validation is automated through the debtor’s bank, with built-in reject resolution tools enable the resubmission of rejected direct debits - streamlining and simplifying your collections process.

Scalabe. Secure.

Cloud based platform that is reliable and easy to implement. Secure and scalable, the platform is live-mirrored in multiple European geographies.

Account Information for Businesses

With OneLinQ you don’t’ have to worry about accessing multiple bank accounts or juggling different bank applications.

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