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Open Banking has greatly accelerated the change in lending. Due to the availability of data, lenders can now look deeper than simply calculating the credit score for analysing a customer's creditworthiness and assessing risk more accurately.

Gain greater insight and improve your service proposition

OneLinQ’s AI powered platform helps lenders quickly tailor their products and services to meet customer needs. Open banking enables financial companies to automatically acquire and analyse open banking data of clients to assess their creditworthiness. Moreover, the use of open banking increases the speed of loan application processing, screening, and approval, providing game changing efficiencies.

Customer centric

OneLinQ's AI and data analytics powered solutions enable you to harness and monetise customer data to offer hyper-targeted and relevant products and services.

Data insight

Unlock the hidden customer and market knowledge in existing data repositories with OneLinQ. Anticipate needs and actively assist customers through our AI-powered platform.

Income verification

OneLinQ's intelligent Income Verification service uses current account transaction data to verify your customer's declared income - helping you make better business decisions.

Improved service

Make speedy and informed lending decisions using OneLinQ's instant verification tools - avoiding delay, customer frustration and abandonment.

Lower costs

No more manual delays and application reviews - income verification in seconds using our Open Banking based service.

Speed to value

OneLinQ's agile platform streamlines processing and integration, removing the need to significantly adapt your own systems or undertake complex configurations and integration work.

Informed decisions

Know your customer, know your customers' needs. OneLinQ provides real insight into your customers' financial health, enabling you to provide tailored services relevant to them.

Cross-sell, up-sell

Real customer insight unlocks opportunities to anticipate needs, helping your customers and generating new revenue for you.

Better service, happy clients

OneLinQ's real-time Income Verification avoids the traditional delays on manual reviews and frustrating document-gathering by customers. Avoid false refusals and abandoned applications.

Time is revenue...

Time to market, time to value, time to decision, time to revenue... Let OneLinQ remove delays and complexities - for you and your clients.

Payment Services?

OneLinQ provides a suite of cloud-based payment services for businesses.

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