AI Powered Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent new fraudulent payments patterns
 with real-time fraud detection.

Best-in-class protection

Unique capabilities

Real-time fraud detection and prevention, with fully auditable reporting. OneLinQ's leverages nearly three decades of AI expertise and payments domain heritage to provide market leading protection for your business.

Purpose built

Fraud detection and prevention has never been more challenging, with today's instant and real-time transactions stress-testing the capabilities of legacy systems. OneLinQ's AI fraud detection toolkit is purpose built to meet today's, and tomorrow's, challenges.

Better service

The high false positive rates typically associated with traditional screening and monitoring systems are avoided, thanks to OneLinQ's unique AI-embedded platform. Keeping you secure without negatively impacting your service levels.

Unrivalled security

Unique AI and payments domain expertise, combined to keep your business secure.

Real-time payments fraud detection and prevention.

Self-learning AI technology to keep ahead of the fraudsters.

Market-leading anomaly detection for fraud prevention, with full auditability and reporting.

The future of payments is here, are you ready for it?