Simplifying all of your business payment needs

Whether you need to manage Salary payments, settle Bills, request Payments or manage due Taxes, OneLinQ can simplify and streamline all your payment tasks.

Business Payments

OneLinQ removes the complexity from all your payment processes.
Save time, save money, with OneLinQ.

Make Payments


Bill or tax payments to sort? Salaries to manage? International payments to make? Let OneLinQ remove the complexity, with a single simple interface to streamline all of your business payments needs.

Future Insight

Recurring payments? Future instalments? OneLinQ can automate recurring payments, alerting you in advance when payments fall due, avoiding late-payment fees and helping you plan ahead.

You're covered...

Batch payments? One-off reequireent? Any payment, any format.  Whatever your needs, OneLinQ has you covered.

Request Payments

Payment requests

OneLinQ delivers a direct and frictionless request to pay (RtP) service – fast, irrevocable, and cost-effective.

Reduce costs

No bank charges or card processing fees as the payment is received directly into your bank account from your customers. Also no chargeback costs.

Various payments

Supporting payment requests for single payments, recurring payments and even for Buy Now Pay Later business models and Installment Plans.

Improve collections

The ability to request payment for a bill rather than simply sending an invoice can improve cash flow and time to payment.

Corporate or consumer

Domestic or international, OneLinQ can handle local and cross-border payments, removing the complexity from managing different payments types.

Bill payments

Connect to your business partners, securely initiate payments to the Biller and pull all the details of the due bill from your ERP or enter manually.

Payment Requests

OneLinQ delivers a direct and frictionless request to pay (RtP) service – fast, irrevocable, and cost-effective.

Future Payments

Schedule Payments to be initiated at a future date to ensure you never forget about meeting the due date of your outstanding business payments.

Salary or Tax Payments

Integrate directly with your favourite accounting / HR package to streamline and simplify salary and tax payments for you. Say goodbye to hassle of managing payroll and tax calculations and payments on different systems with OneLinQ.


Subscriptions or regular payments to manage? OneLinQ can handle these for you, across all connected banks accounts, giving you control and assurance that the right payments are made on time.

Account Information for Businesses

With OneLinQ you don’t’ have to worry about accessing multiple bank accounts or juggling different bank applications.

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