Allow Consumers to Pay and be Paid

Do you want to add Splitting a Bill feature in your app? Or allow the end customer to send money overseas? Whatever your payment needs, OneLinQ is there to help.

Payments. Personalised.

While you can pay for coffee with a tap of your wrist, moving money can still be a chore and needlessly complex. Whether the feature your seek is splitting a bill with friends or needing to send money overseas, OneLinQ is here to help.

Pay me please...

With OneLinQ your end users can send direct requests to pay - a simple service that makes it easier for other people to send money to you!

Anywhere, anytime.

Need to send money to a friend overseas? Send in a different currency? No matter where or when, OneLinQ can manage your payments needs. No complicated forms or fees.

In control

With a single payment overview of all connected accounts, OneLinQ keeps your end customer in control of payments and transaction data, enabling to quickly see what is being spent, and where.

Initiate Payments

Initiate a single payment from the end users bank account to whoever they wish to pay using OneLinQ.

Payment Requests

OneLinQ allows end users to send to their friend or family a request to pay – quickly and efficiently.

Initiate Future Payments

Initiate a single payment from the end users' bank account at a given date in the future using the platform of OneLinQ.

Cross-border payments

Domestic or international, OneLinQ can handle local and cross-border payments, removing the complexity from managing different payments types.

Recurring payments

Are there regular payments that your end users need to manage? OneLinQ can handle these for you, across all connected banks accounts, giving you control and assurance that the right payments are made on time.

Account Information for Businesses

With OneLinQ you don’t’ have to worry about accessing multiple bank accounts or juggling different bank applications.

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Access 400m customers across 28 countries, that's over 80% of the market, with OneLinQ's comprehensive range of Payments and Open Banking solutions.

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