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Data is the new hunting ground
Banks can act as a central data pool provider by sharing their data with third-party providers, and also collecting and aggregating their own clients’ data from third-party providers and other banks. The resulting data analytic services can be a huge value to business customers.

New business opportunities
Banks can use interoperable APIs to offer custom innovative solutions to customers. They can act as orchestrators and generate additional value by hosting own platforms that combine different services all in one place. In this regard, banks have an uneven advantage over new entrants: they possess an established and trust brand, a strong customer base and a high volume in transactions, allowing banks to quickly generate scale and competitive advantage.

Digital banking

The adoption of open banking and the shift to mobile-first engagement provides dynamic new opportunities for banks to enrich their services and products.

TPP services

OneLinQ enables Banks (ASPSPs) to easily offer TPP services – both AIS and PIS, without the need to support multiple APIs, increasing your speed to market.

Customer centric

Bring the benefits of an open-API environment to your customers, giving them the new services and features they increasingly expect and demand.

Customer knowledge

AI and data analytics powered solution enabling you to harness and monetise your customer data to offer new and innovative products and services

API complexity removed

OneLinQ removes the need to support multiple APIs - with comprehensive API interoperability we enable a single API to connect to all variations by third-parties.

Inovation partner

With our proven leadership in payments and AI-based solutions, OneLinQ is your vital innovation partner, enabling your to quickly deploy and achieve speed to value.

Many uses. Many Benefits.

OneLinQ's digital payments hub includes Open Banking, payments and financial AI and analytics components, fully flexible and configurable.

Advanced fraud detection

AI-powered fraud detection and risk monitoring solutions providing the highest levels of security.

Innovation imperative

The high velocity of third-party providers are driving payments innovation. OneLinQ helps banks meet this challenge, regardless of legacy core banking systems.

Works with your existing systems

OneLinQ enable you to retain your existing investment in existing banking systems, while still able to deploy the new real-time and open API solutions the market demands.

Payment Services?

OneLinQ provides a suite of cloud-based payment services for businesses.

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Access 400m customers across 28 countries, that's over 80% of the market, with OneLinQ's comprehensive range of Payments and Open Banking solutions.

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