Frictionless Open Finance: Open Banking for PSPs

Open banking provides a new way of onboarding and a new payment method through fast, secure payment rails that PSPs can offer their clients.

One API to reach 500 Million potential customers

With OneLinQ PSPs can offer their customers an affordable alternative to card-based payments and also providing them with a new way to pay that can be presented as an 'own brand' white-label payment solution. OneLinQ can either act as the Third Party Provider (use OneLinQ’s license) or as the Technical Services Provider (use the PSP license).

Instant bank transfers

OneLinQ enables Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to provide instant bank transfer capabilities to any Bank across Europe, improving your customer experience and lowering costs.

Lower Cost

Lower your operating and support costs and increase efficiencies, by outsourcing the management of API standards to OneLinQ.

One connection

The OneLinQ Payment Hub consolidates PSP connections to all of banking counter-parties, providing a single payment management process – providing you with a single configurable overview.


With the single interface, payments can be delivered in any format will intelligent routing, as required. Single payments, Batch payments, Payment requests, we have you covered.

Speed to value

OneLinQ's agile platform streamlines processing and integration, removing the need to significantly adapt your own systems or undertake complex configurations and integration work.


OneLinQ allows PSPs to focus on your service differentiation and the needs of your customers - leaving the technical complexity to us.


OneLinQ handles interoperable API connectivity for you, supporting multiple pan-European standards and formats.

All payments. All formats.

Batch, one-off, SWIFT, cross-border, request to pay? Whatever you and your customers' payment needs, OneLinQ has you covered.

Compliance covered

SCA? AML? OneLinQ ensures compliance with payment and financial crime regulations, such as strong customer authentication for all relevant transactions, giving you peace of mind and security.

Innovation allies

We enable PSPs to leverage our unique payments and AI technology expertise, providing the proven platform you can build and innovate upon.

Streamlining the KYB process

Validate Bank Account of the consumer
Through Open Banking PSP’s are able to validate the format of a bank account of the consumer and by letting them authenticate while logging in, also validating that they are the owner of the bank account. This will streamline the process to secure the transaction data and reduce the risk of a reversal for certain payment methods.

Never refund to the incorrect bank account again
Any mistakes with refunding to the wrong bank account will damage the customer experience. These problems can be prevented by deriving the account details from the Payment Initiation Service.

Payment Services?

OneLinQ provides a suite of cloud-based payment services for businesses.

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